The Notary in this practice is Jeremy Robin Sinclair Bate.
He is a Notary Public and his notarial practice is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

The Faculty Office, 1 The Sanctury, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT website:

His principal function as a Notary is to verify the authenticity of documents for use in Foreign legal jurisdictions. He acts as a professional witness for persons who are signing documents for use overseas and he also verifies the authenticity of documents such as passports, bank statements, UK degree certificates, etc.

He is not qualified to act as a lawyer in any jurisdiction other than England and Wales. This means that he cannot give advice as to the content of documents intended for use outside England and Wales.

His scale of charges per notarisation in respect of persons acting in a personal capacity is set out below. (A different scale charges apply where someone is signing on behalf of a company or organisation as a different authentication process applies.)

1. First notarisation, single signatory:110.00; additional 30.00 for each further signatory (so 140.00 if two persons are signing the same document).

2. Each further notarisation required: an additional 30.00.

3. If legalisation is required then handling charge per document is 22.00 for Foreign Office legalisation; if further legalisation is required by the receiving country UK embassy of the receiving or consulate then an additional charge of £22.00 per document generally applies but some consulates are particularly difficult to deal with and a higher charge is made. I will advise you of this in advance before using my services for this. Please bear in mind that in addition to my handling charge, the Foreign Office and Embassy/Consulate in question will charge a fee for legalising each document. The Foreign Office charge is £30.00; Consular fees vary and I will advise you of this in advance. Note that you are not obliged to use a Notary for the legalisation process: you can handle this yourself and thereby save my handling charge.

Payment is by card, cash or bank transfer in advance of collection of the notarised documents.

If you are dissatisfied about the service you have received, please do not hesitate to contact him. If he is unable to resolve the matter, you may then complain to the Notaries Society of which he am a member, who have a Complaints Procedure which is approved by the Faculty Office. This procedure is free to use and is designed to provide a quick resolution to any dispute

In that case please write (but do not enclose any original documents) with full details of your complaint to:-

Secretary of the Notaries Society Old Church Chambers 23 Sandhill Road St James Northampton, NN5 5LH

Email: Tel: 01604 758908

If you have any difficulty in making a complaint in writing, please do not hesitate to call the Notaries Society/the Faculty Office for assistance.

Finally, even if you have your complaint considered under the Notaries Society Approved Complaints Procedure, you may at the end of that procedure or after a period of eight weeks from the date you first notified me that you were dissatisfied, make your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, if you are not happy with the result

Legal Ombudsman PO BOX 6086 Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ

Tel: 0300 555 0033

Email: Website:

19 December 2019