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Clients' personal information is collected, used and retained only in connection with our professional responsibilities to you or as required by law or by our professional regulators.

We do not use your personal information for marketing purposes. Our website does not store your cookies. But see the next paragraph concerning the Solicitors Regulation Authority logo at the top of this site's landing page.

We are required by our professional regulator to have the clickable Solicitors Regulation Authority logo on our web site. If you click on this logo, then, depending on your browser's security settings, you will redirected to a third party site which will confirm that we are an authentic firm of solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, we understand that this site collects data about visitors. We are informed (but have not verified) that this data is anonymised.

The nature of the personal information will vary according to the work or advice we are providing. For example, if we act for you on a sale of a house we will require your bank details in order to pay the completion monies to you; in advice concerning an employment dispute we are likely to require a copy of your contract of employment; in administering the estate of a deceased person, we will require details of the assets in the estate.

Your personal information will only be shared with third parties if this is required as part of the transaction in which we are instructed: for example communications with mortgage companies, estate agents and other professional advisers directly connected with the transaction - and then only to the extent that it is reasonably required for the purpose of the work we are doing for you - or in order to comply with our professional or statutory responsibilities; for example if reasonably required by our accountants for the purpose of auditing or maintain our accounting records, or in dealing with our bank in connection with funds held in our client account. Your data is kept secure and we have security measures to prevent it from being accidently lost or accessed by unauthorised persons.

Staff members authorised to process your information are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

If there is a data breach involving your personal information we will notify you immediately.

Your data will be retained in our offices for a minimum period of six years after we have concluded your case. This is to enable us to keep records required by law and to enable us to respond to any questions or claims relating to the matter. A longer retention period may apply to certain cases and in particular information contained in or associated with formal notarial acts may be retained indefinitely.

If you have any concerns as to how your data has or is being used then you should please raise them with Jeremy Bate at this office:

In addition, the general Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to complain to the UK Information Commissioner:

Updated 19 December 2019

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